James Bartlett 'Bart' Garrison


Bart Garrison was born in 1960, the third child and second son of Juanita and T. Ed. Garrison, Jr. A graduate of Pendleton High School, Bart played football, basketball (in the old "dog house") and golf. His rearing on the family farm included hard work in the fields and milking cows.

After high school, Bart graduated from Clemson University with a degree in Dairy Science. At Clemson, he was a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity and a JV Cheerleader. The skills he gained majoring in dairy science helped him breed a top quality herd of Holsteins after returning to Denver Downs after college to work on the family farm.

A friend to everyone he met, Bart impacted many lives especially as a little league basketball coach in Pendleton. Bart lived life to the fullest. He became a pilot and enjoyed riding his motorcycle and playing golf. Upon the retirement of their father in January 1989, Bart and brother Tom leased Denver Downs Farm and assumed the day-to-day operations.

On May 9, 1990, Bart, Tom, and a farm employee, Matthew Pickens, were inside one of the grain silos preparing it for newly harvested silage. An avalanche of silage came down, burying the three men. Miraculously, Tom survived, but Bart and Matthew were asphyxiated.

Bart was laid to rest across Clemson Highway in the small cemetery of Welcome Baptist Church where Bart became a member at a young age. Bart's love for family and friends and his love of life will live on in all who knew him. A scholarship at Clemson University was established in Bart's memory. We miss you, Bart!

Pictured: Bart Garrison (R) and Michael Buzzard in the mid-1980's with a Christmas pig.